port doubling (or...)?

maximilianscherr MaximilianScherr at T-Online.de
Mon Jan 21 22:32:01 CET 2002


it's a sever emu for uo, and i'm afraid, i can't change the port
(would be easier). the server does not handle all incoming packets, 
so: lack of features. but i know the packet descriptions and 
formats... so i could add this myself. the server has a sendpacket 
command but not a receivepacket loop or something:( so i would need 
to be able to accept connections on the same port, and if they are 
unknown packets, they are handled by my server script.
like if packet = "BA97..."

thats what i want to do, i was told it is possible with socket 
but i don't know if that is right for python too:)

i'm quite a newbie, so can't imagine how i could listen on one port 
with both servers.

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> First condition : your server engine must have 2 distinct IP addrs.
> Second bind sockets of both servers to its own IP addr.
> But it's easier to have 2 distincts ports.
> Are the clients unable to change their request port ?
> "maximilianscherr" <MaximilianScherr at T...> a écrit dans le message
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> > how can i do port doubling?
> > not sure if it's called like this, but i have server listening on
> > port 5003 and need to have a script listen on the same port.
> > possible? if yes, how?
> > could you give an example?
> >
> > thanks,
> >
> > Max
> >
> >
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