Alternative to PIL or other way of resizing/converting pictures

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at
Mon Jan 21 07:29:43 EST 2002

"Thomas Weholt" <thomas at> wrote in message news:JDT28.3$nQ3.135468032 at
> I've just made a simple, yet functional web-gallery script using
> Pythonware's PIL-package. It works great; it's easy to use and produces ok
> results. I thought I'd distribute this package for our friends trapped in
> WindowsHell by using Py2EXE. Ran the "python py2exe"-thing and got
> a nice little executable, some python DLLs and a *huge* folder containing
> TkInter. My program is a plain console script, no GUI whatsoever.

PIL *can* use Tkinter when it's available, and py2exe cannot determine
whether it's actually used or not.

You can exclude it by using
  python py2exe "--excludes=Tkinter,_imagingtk"

Note that you have to make sure the image plugins you need
from PIL are included in the exe you create!
You would either "import JpegImagePlugin, PngImagePlugin, ..."
or use the "--includes=JpegImagePlugin,PngImagePlugin,..."
command line switch.



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