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Thomas Weholt thomas at
Fri Jan 4 15:33:56 EST 2002

I'm working on a simple program that will scan an entire cdrom, extract info
from files like PkZip-archives, tar-files, mp3, AVI/Divx etc., generate
CRC-values and store it all in a PostgreSQL-database for easy indexing and
searching. All I need now is a code cleanup and a simple GUI.

When the thing is done I'll post an announcement here. Mail me a bit later
to get a progress-report.


"Filoux" <Filoux at> wrote in message
news:f7c083d5.0201030847.392a5846 at
> Hello!!
> I would like to create a procedure that will create a list of all
> directories and files which are burnt on a CD (mounted under linux).
> I'd like to use this procedure in order to create a file browser and a
> database. For the moment, I use
> 'du -ah > /_myfile_'
> for retrieving the CD content...
> Thanks in advance for your help, Best Regards, Filoux.

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