Let me ask that again: distutils question

Issac Trotts ITrotts at IdolMinds.com
Tue Jan 8 15:18:09 EST 2002

Thanks to you and Gerson, my Python installation is working 
again.  It fell apart because in my cygwin .bashrc I set 
PYTHONHOME=/usr but /usr/bin/python was a symbolic link to 
c:/python21/python.exe .  All I had to do was get rid of the 
PYTHONHOME assignment in the .bashrc file.


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> Issac Trotts <ITrotts at IdolMinds.com> writes:
> > ImportError: No module named _sre
> > >>>
> Clearly something has happened to keep Python from finding dynamically
> linked modules.  You could search for _sre.pyd (or would it be
> sre.dll?) and then see if the directory containing that file is on
> Python's sys.path.  I'm not a Windows person, so I don't know how
> you'd fix the problem.
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