Autocoding project proposal.

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Sat Jan 26 09:43:56 EST 2002

On Sat, 26 Jan 2002 14:02:14 GMT, Timothy Rue <threeseas at> wrote:
>On 25-Jan-02 18:28:11 phil hunt <philh at> wrote:
>>On Fri, 25 Jan 2002 12:34:23 -0500, Steve Holden <sholden at>
>>>Way back in the 1980's, someone wrote a program called "The Last One",
>>Ah yes, I remember that. (I'm showing my age :-))
>>>was intended to do all future programming for us. Nobody, we were told,
>>>would ever need to program again, as the programming would be done by "The
>>>Last One" and we would simply describe our tasks to it (isn't that
>>>programming anyway?). I seem to remember they even had the nerve to bring
>>>out "The Last One, Version 2",
>>Perhaps they should have called it "The Last One Really This Time Honest"...
>>>The criticism of your code is justified from an engineering point of view.
>>500 lines in one function... pass the sick bucket, please.
>Your the programmer genius, prove to me that the code don't work!

Certainly, I'll be happy to construct a test suite and pass/fail it for
you, if you'll pay me at my usual consulting rate.

>Show me where functions and whatever else you want to claim is the right
>way to do it, can be done in a manner that improves the processing and
>readability of the code.

Again, I will be happy to do this for you, if you'll pay me at my usual 
consulting rate.

>otherwise you are using arrogance to try and fool others into believen
>that the code don't work.

Er, I never said it didn't work, I said that i don't consider 500-line
functions to be aesthetically pleasing.

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