Mono and Python

Paul Everitt paul at
Fri Jan 4 16:55:50 CET 2002

Hear, hear, Andrew!  Well stated.  There's a certain Darwinism of ideas 
in a volunteer community.  Almost by definition, a good idea is one that 
someone actually works on, rather than lobbies for.  By contrast, a bad 
idea is one that generates a hundred posts by people volunteering 
_others_ to do the work.

To paraphrase, ask not what your Python community can do for you, but 
ask instead what you can do for your Python community.


Andrew Kuchling wrote:

> "Don Tuttle" <tuttledon at> writes:
>>passively, doing nothing, you might help Microsoft lose the farm.  But
>>before you choose that path consider an alternative approach.
> You've missed my point.  I don't care at all about whether Python runs
> on .net.  I also don't care whether it runs on OS/2 or RISCOS.  As it
> happens, Python does run on OS/2 and RISCOS, and it does so because
> people, presumably people who use those systems, contributed patches
> and code to make it happen.  Python will run on .net, therefore, if
> some subset of .net users actually bother to make it happen.  If no
> one bothers to do so, that's a good indicator that no one cares.
> --amk

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