Linux+Python: need help, have comments...

Pedro Rodriguez pedro_rodriguez at
Mon Jan 28 06:52:30 EST 2002

<problems with cron>

My 2 cents guesses (some already mentioned, based on RH72) :

- has crond being started ?
  /etc/rc.d/init.d/crond  status

- is the default version of python the one that you actually need ?
  default to 1.5.2, maybe mygale requires 2.x

- for cron daemons log check /var/log/cron

- check your local mail, with 'mail' command, output will be redirected
  ther (or check file /var/spool/mail/username)

And these are reminder for me ;) :
- leave the system on for cron to run 
- stop believing that "1 * * * * xxx" will run every minute




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