Simple threaded web-server based on BaseHTTPServer?

Thomas Weholt thomas at
Thu Jan 31 03:40:55 EST 2002

Can anybody show me how to create a threaded web-server based on

And if anybody has an opinion about it's ok performance wise to base a
Threaded-webserver on BaseHTTPServer or go for Medusa? What does Medusa
offer over the threaded BaseHTTPServer? Performance? Features? Is it
possible to create a encrypted server using SSL with BaseHTTPServer?

To summerize : I need a *stable* web-server solution that can implement
encryption ( probably do that later ) with reasonable performance to serve
content using in-memory objects ( nothing will be read from physical files,
but created from in-memory templates populated with data from
business-objects). That latest bit is important; the content I'm serving is
stored in objects which takes some time to load so keeping them in memory is
vital for performance. BaseHTTPServer seems very easy to use so why go for
Medusa which seem to be a bit more complicated? Medusa has also been a bit
unstable when hit with concurrent users and creating
threaded-requesthandlers with it seem hard.

Any pointers to articles, web-pages etc. appreciated.

Thomas W

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