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Thu Jan 24 10:08:19 EST 2002

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> On 24/1/2002 12:00, in article a2ot19$hg4$1 at, "Alex
> <aleax at> wrote:
> > Not sure what you mean.  "get the idx1-th element
> > from list llis and remove it from the list too"
> > is llis.pop(idx1); is that what you mean by
> > "comprehend"?
> No, I think he meant "make it into a list comprehension". Perhaps:
>     llis = [ x for i, x in zip(xrange(len(lis)), lis) if i <> idx1 ]
> Though this is substantially uglier than the original version. It can be

And both are horribly uglier than llis.pop(idx1), IMHO...


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