Validating EMailAdresses for syntactical correctness

Doobee R. Tzeck drt-usenet-200201 at
Mon Jan 28 16:43:59 EST 2002

Pete Shinners <pete at> writes:

> Jason Voegele wrote:
> > If you really want to ensure 100% syntactical correctness, here's the
> > regular expression for matching email addresses, from Jeffrey Friedl's
> > "Mastering Regular Expressions" book ;-)
> >
> << MIME encoded re-sample deleted :] >>
> any summary on what that's supposed to mean?
> (beyond "validate email address")

It is able to validate all valid RfC 822 Addresses like

Muhammed.(I am  the greatest) Ali @(the)Vegas.WBA
"\"quote.and space"@[].[\[]    (Might work)
< at>

this are all valid addresses. RfC 822 address parsing -which is
the essential for finding "valid" addresses is sheer horror.


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