What does Python fix?

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Thu Jan 17 23:43:08 CET 2002

Tim Lavoie wrote:
> or fix a problem. People on this list may not appreciate Lisp, but
> most could do much worse than to learn what it has to offer, even if
> they don't end up using it. Ditto for the rest.

Amen.  I don't do Lisp or Scheme "in anger" since forever, but I still do 
have substantially better understanding of the way things are (or, could 
be) for having put up with those maddening parentheses long enough to grasp 
what lay behind them.  I do believe that getting enough Scheme to follow 
Abelson and Sussman to the end (and/or, enough mixal to follow Knuth) is a 
worthwhile investment -- if you're the kind of person who gets high on 
*understanding* things, as opposed to a "strict utilitarian" character.

Then, you can get back to Python... and use it better!


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