What does Python fix?

Erno Kuusela erno-news at erno.iki.fi
Sat Jan 19 07:57:41 EST 2002

In article <7xn0zau7ko.fsf at ruckus.brouhaha.com>, Paul Rubin
<phr-n2002a at nightsong.com> writes:

| "Tim Peters" <tim.one at home.com> writes:
|| Any language even *inspired* by Lisp is doomed to eternal obscurity. 

| Some of us persist in thinking of Python as a Lisp dialect, and like it
| for that very reason.

lisp people think of all other languages as "a lisp dialect without
foo and with bar", so perhaps it is only necessary to avoid non-lisp
people getting the inspired by lisp impression ;)

  -- erno

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