Python MSVC++ binaries considered evil

J.Jacob joost_jacob at
Thu Jan 24 05:59:10 EST 2002

[Edward Diener]> 
> Utterly and completely false as regards Borland's C++ Builder and DLLs. 
> If you have specific examples of this, you should inform the original 
> poster of the whys and wherfores of such situations, otherwise saying 
> such a thing is just FUD.

Ok let me make my point more clear.  It is not a problem with
Borlands' C++ compatibility.  Borland desevers praise for providing a
good and free C++ compiler.  But you will have to communicate with
DLLs in the Python installation.   And they are Microsoft DLLs and you
will just have to take my word on it since i do not have a link to a
project that crashes (who would: if you compile your modules to a
Borland DLL you are in trouble.  Yes you could try to recompile
-everything- you need with Borland but erm...imagine recompiling
wxPython, NumPy, pygame, ... often it has even never been done before
and you are on your own, i tried this route and i can tell you i did
not like it at all.
I was hoping the core Python developers would post a reaction as to if
they have any plans or ideas to free Python from MSVC++.

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