comp.lang.python, FINAL NOTICE of Newsgroup Removal

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jan 14 23:41:33 EST 2002

ahimsa consulting wrote:
> What is the actual status of this? I've read some write that it is null and
> void due to vote irregularities, while others maintain that it is a
> side-effect of humping camels. Since I prefer European swallows myself, I

While we're on the subject of humping camels, if a European swallows,
does an American spit?  No, I really don't need an answer to that... :)

> don't fall into the latter category, and as I didn't vote I can't make
> claims about the former. Can someone clue me in please?

-as-a-canuck-i-just-eat-yellow-snow-ly yr's, Peter

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