Algorithms for 6-byte ("real48") Borland Pascal Floating Point numbers

Richard Biffl usenet at
Sun Jan 6 22:39:52 EST 2002

Martin, I'm a Python newbie but a Pascal oldbie. I don't have enough Python
expertise to review your code, but you might compare it to C code I wrote to
do the same thing. It's at It's
old 16-bit C so you may (or may not) need to convert it to 32-bit before
translating it.


"Martin Bless" <m.bless at> wrote in message
news:3c1d309b.27384056 at
> Below is a working example of 3 different ways I figured out to
> convert those 6-byte Borland Pascal floating points to 'normal'
> floats.
> I'd be very pleased if someone with more "real" and "numerical"
> understandig has a look at it.

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