Autocoding project proposal.

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On 29-Jan-02 11:06:40 David Masterson <dmaster at> wrote:
>>>>>> Timothy Rue writes:

>> On 28-Jan-02 13:26:36 David Masterson <dmaster at> wrote:

>>> These are the things you'll need to take into account in developing
>>> a new language (or get others to help you develop it).

>> Well since the VIC is not a language I don't suppose I need be
>> concerned about such things as the things you presented.

>Of course its a language.  As you've already stated, it's a language
>consisting of 9 commands.

I didn't say that.

Think of it this way: as the concept of nothing having value (zero as a
place holder along with the digits 1-9 ) was a very difficult concept for
the people over a period of 300 years to grasp, perhaps so is this that I
present. Only now we are at a period of much faster advancements.

But who would have the most trouble grasping what I've been presenting
but those who have been programmed to think in terms that are not so able
to so communicate what I'm on about.

It's not unusual in the computer industry to change the meaning of a word
to mean something different or even the opposite of a words original
definition. The word hacker is one such example.

But this that I'm on about, the definition stays as is, though the word or
symbol sequences attached to the definitions are open to be changed.

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