Performance Issues with Threaded Python Network Server

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Wed Jan 16 11:49:09 EST 2002

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> > > Please be aware that this is my first real-world python
> > project, so please
> > > be gentil if you see something stupid in my code ;)
> >
> > Well the code looks like you know what you're doing. And a
> > good idea it is
> > too. What I find missing is a script to create the database,
> > with a function
> > to create new groups.
> >
> Well, the python server is supposed to work in paralel with the actual
> message board software, which does everything related to the database,
> managing users and so on. The server just inserts a new row on the
> appropriate table with the article posted by the user.
> I'm thinking on even setting a constant on the code that even tells the
> server to act as a read-only server and start ignoring postings. In any
> case, you are right, I should add a little bit more of documentation but
> still researching on the matter and finding problems that need to be
If the dataabse is only ever used to send out postings, you might consider
doing the dot-escaping when you add the articles to the database, rather
than when you extract them for transmission.

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