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>> I have two customers who need to be able to share one email
>> address (including local mailboxes) between several LAN-
>> connected machines at the same time.  This is in support
>> of a centralized email address, i.e. sales at customersite.com.
>> Any/all employees should be able to list all messages, reply
>I have a (single) customer doing exactly this using Netscape
>Communicator and an imap account at their ISP.  When you consider that
>the owners also check the mail from the road and from home, that comes
>close to two customers sharing a single email address.  I'm not sure
>what you mean though by "including local mailboxes".
So is the advice to install an IMAP server?

Chris, could you go over that description again?  What's
the current ("LAN-connected") e-mail system?  If it's
Microsoft Exchange, is it not enough simply to have the
end-users set a preference to Not-Delete, so that they
both see items?

I wrote little e-mail clients all the time.  I'm sure I
can give you one within the price range you mention.  I
think we need to understand the expectations better, 
though, before we can give good help.

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