Installing two different versions of Python on Windows

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Sun Jan 27 23:58:17 EST 2002

hi sheila,

i think your solution will work, but you mght also look into the
selfcontained pythonware version of python.  it can live alongside other
version nicely.


"Sheila King" <usenet at> wrote in message
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> I currently have Python 2.1 installed on my home computer.
> My web host finally upgraded to 2.2 (yeah!).
> So, I want to upgrade my home computer to 2.2.
> HOWEVER, I would like to leave my version 2.1 in place, for testing
> purposes.
> If I simply take care to install the new Python 2.2 version in a separate
> directory, this should work OK, shouldn't it? I know that the system will
> default associate all the .py, .pyc, and .pyw files with the 2.2
> and I would have to specifically invoke the 2.1 executable with a full
> name if I wanted to run it, but that's fine, too. I expect I'll mostly use
> the newer 2.2.
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