create DLL with Visual C++

Chris Clawson webmaster at
Mon Jan 7 17:43:54 EST 2002

I am going crazy trying to find a simple VC++ project example of a
Win32 DLL which is basically a "Hello World" demo.
I wish to import this dll to Python, and call a function 'hello' which
would in turn print "Hello World" to the standard output.

In other words , I need a VC++ demo, which provides an example of a
Python extension. seemed to be a very important tool, but seems no longer
supported, and was written for Python 1.5 (I'm using 2.0).

In case anyone cares I am a user of a freeware 3D app, called Blender . Plugins may be written for this program, in

A VERY simple, bare bones example of a Visual C++ project which can do
this "Hello World" function, is the starting point I need to begin my
learning curve. If anyone can help please contact me:
webmaster at or
dallin at
I would be happy to provide a 'Hellomodule.c' file, which should be
easily adapted (if one knew what to do).

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