Spaces in object attribute

Robin Munn rmunn at
Thu Jan 10 15:45:18 EST 2002

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002 09:31:43 -0800, Mark McEahern
<marklists at> wrote:
>Alex Martelli wrote:
>> What would you like to see this rule replaced with?  Always forbidden
>> except where mandatory?  Apart from breaking existing programs, this
>> would tend to produce very "crunched-up" lines in many cases.  Forbidden
>> in some cases, still optional in others?  I suspect it would be very hard
>> to formulate the rule about those "some cases" so that simplicity is
>> kept while obtaining the effect you desire (whatever, in detail, that is).
>How about overloading whitespace?

Yikes! Is that just *begging* for an IOC++CC entry, or what? :-P

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