Does Linux have a unified way of accessing databases? Windows has ADO...

Alex Martelli aleax at
Thu Jan 17 11:16:46 EST 2002

"Harry George" <hgg9140 at> wrote in message
news:xqxelkp2dll.fsf at
> > ADO (the whole "Unified Database Access" architecture, actually)
> > alternative organizations, such as hierarchical and "cubes" (a la OLAP).
> >
> > Python's DB-API and ODBC don't.  So, the answer remains "no".
> Under this interpretation we can safely say that no platform anywhere
> has a fully DBMS-independent access mechanism.  ADO, for instance,
> doesn't support an object database system we use, which started life
> as swizzled C++ structures on SGI's.

The "object database system you use" may of course lack ADO drivers
(so, I believe, does the Watcom SQL my dad runs on his 12-years-old
DOS PC), but nothing in the UDA architecture stops you from writing
such drivers -- present your data as hierarchical or however else it
is best presented.  You can't escape tabular/relational structuring
with ODBC (nor Python's DB-API, nor, I believe, Perl's equivalent).


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