Intel C/C ++ compiler for Linux for Pytrhon extension?

Gerhard Häring gh_pythonlist at
Sat Jan 26 12:41:06 EST 2002

Le 24/01/02 à 11:45, Mike Müller écrivit:
> I am going to port a numerically intensive application from windows to
> Linux (RH). Right know the numeric part is a Python extension compiled
> with MCVC (which in turn calls DF compiled FORTRAN 90 code).
> I plan to use the Intel C/C++ compiler for Linux because it is
> considerably faster than gcc. The CPU is a Pentium 4 for which this
> complier is optimised.
> Is it possible to write Python extension with the Intel C/C++ compiler
> for Linux? [...]

Ok, just recompiled Python 2.2 CVS with Intel C++ compiler 5.0.1 (free
for noncommercial use btw). Due to a weakness in distutils (it doesn't
honour the CC environment variable) you need to recompile your Python
with the Intel C++ compiler, too. These are the steps for anybody who
wants to try (and perhaps cares enough to run the test suite ;-):

1. Set up the environment for the Intel compiler:

    . /usr/local/intel/compiler50/ia32/bin/

2. Tell the configure script to use the Intel compiler:

    export CC=icc

3. Rebuild and install Python:

    make install

Suspiciously easy.

4. Run pystone :)

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