Sockets conversation

Hugo Martires hugomartires at
Mon Jan 14 10:08:07 EST 2002

I'm new prgramming sockets, and i started with python module "socket".

Now i have a problem in comunicating:
           server send data...
                 client receive that data, process it and reply it...
                           server accept that reply.
The problem:
            server wan't to send data again...
                client can not understand tha data and breaks the

Did you understand ?

I wan't to make a conversation but i don't know how can i continue it.

Real life example:
    server:  how are you today ?
        client: fine, i went to the beach !!!
            server: beach !!??
    server: really ? and, how's the waves ?
        client: not a big deal, it was flat

Tanks for help (I really need it)

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