How to set local variables in a method

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> A beginners question...
> I intend to set the variables a and b in the getvalues method.. Does
> anyone know how to do this??
> class test:
>       def calculate(self):
>            a,b = 0,0
>            z = # what to put here???
answer: nothing. You cannot modify the callers variables. Instead you 
should return the values you want to set as results from your function and 
assign to the locals when you call the function:
>            self.getvalues(z)
            a, b = self.getvalues()
>            print a + b 

>       def getvalues(self,z):
>            z['a'] = 2
       def getvalues(self):
            return 2, 3

> Thanks a lot!

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