cdo logon() ... makepy has different signature

craig curtin curtin at
Wed Jan 30 18:52:03 CET 2002

i'm having a problem with the cdo logon() stuff from
an exchange server. i'm writing a server side com server
to update a calendar, and then update my team calendar.
i can create a session to update my personal calendar, but 
then logon() doesn't seem to take the correct number of args
for me to create a session to my 'team calendar'.

when i look at the makepy output i get:

	Logon(self, 	Profile=defaultNamedOptArg, 

but Logon() actually accepts 3 more parameters

from MSDN:
objSession.Logon( [profileName] [, profilePassword] [, showDialog] [,
newSession] [, parentWindow] [, NoMail] [, ProfileInfo] )

anyone done this kinda CDO work, or know an alternate work
around ?



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