How easy is it to create graphical user interface with Python?

Larry Wright larrwright at
Mon Jan 21 08:07:24 EST 2002

Johan Trygg wrote:

> Hi,
> I am a complete beginner to Python, but I have heard many good things
> about it. I am thinking about creating a GUI software that will
> contain some linear algebra, 2D plots (scatter, histogram, line plots)
> and a nice GUI with menus.
> I am currently using Matlab to do this but does anyone have experience
> with Python to create such a software.
> Hope to hear from you soon,

I haven't written software exactly like you describe but I have written GUI 
apps with PyQT( It is quite easy 
to use and there is a book available online that covers it quite 
extensively ( It also comes 
with a GUI builder tool that makes short work of dialogs and widgets.

I haven't used wxPython (haven't had any need), but it doesn't look much 
more difficult to use. IIRC, PyQT has more classes, however.


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