Python is just as good as C++ for real apps

Donovan Rebbechi elflord at
Tue Jan 22 22:10:39 EST 2002

In article <83pu42qgl6.fsf at>, Kragen Sitaker wrote:
> "Kevin Altis" <altis at> writes:
>> Python is just as good as C++ for real apps
> That doesn't even need to be said, does it?  Anybody who's written
> real apps in both already knows this.  I would say C++ is almost as
> good as Python for real apps, except where speed of development
> matters.  Python is free of most of C++'s major scaling limitations
> and hidden pitfalls.

Great. A language flame. I use C++ and Python. I use SIP to write Python
modules in C++.

I am a big fan of both languages. They complement each other very nicely. 
They are hardly competitors, their strong points are completely different.

To say C++ has "major scaling limitations" is just absurd, given the amount
of code written in this language. Of course python doesn't share C++'s 
weaknesses, but it doesn't share all of its strengths either.


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