Validating EMailAdresses for syntactical correctness

Grant Edwards grante at
Mon Jan 28 17:16:48 EST 2002

In article <871ygap2w0.fsf at>, Doobee R. Tzeck wrote:

> It is able to validate all valid RfC 822 Addresses like
> Muhammed.(I am  the greatest) Ali @(the)Vegas.WBA
> "\"quote.and space"@[].[\[]    (Might work)
>< at>
> this are all valid addresses. RfC 822 address parsing -which is
> the essential for finding "valid" addresses is sheer horror.

It could be worse. You could have to parse addresses with mixed
822 and uucp bang notation (and it's various offspring).

Anyway, the correlation between being a "valid" 822 address and
whether mail sent to that address will end up anywhere useful
is probably small enough that it's not worth the effort.

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