Autocoding project proposal.

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Wed Jan 23 23:11:20 CET 2002

>>>>> Timothy Rue writes:
> On 21-Jan-02 07:59:29 phil hunt <philh at> wrote:
>> On Mon, 21 Jan 2002 02:01:27 GMT, Timothy Rue <threeseas at>
>> wrote:

>>> This posting is to introduce or suggest an open source software
>>> project to produce a core tool that will allow an autocoding
>>> environment to be developed, allowed to evolve in the open source
>>> software community and spirit of. I believe we can overcome many
>>> of the problems that proprietary autocoding systems inherently
>>> have (not to mention that existing autocoding systems appear to be
>>> field/domain specific limited and that it may be possible to beat
>>> this too.)

>> When you say autocoding, what do you mean?

> Programming is the act of automating the use of complexity that is
> made up of simpler things.  Done so that such complexity is easier to
> use.  As such the complexity of programming itself can be automated.

Can you put that in English?  I mean you're obviously trying to put
forth an idea for a program, but the complexity of your thought
process is making it difficult to understand.

> There is something of an inherent resistance to the project by those
> who would feel threatened by such a tool.

Or resistance to get involved with something that has a very complex

> The project I present is a tool that allows easier automation. It's
> more a general automation tool than specific to autocoding, but
> inherently it can be used to create an auocoding environment that
> even the typical user could use.

> It amounts to what would be a small shell and/or library containing
> nine commands w/command options. It's really quite logical as it
> makes use of existing integrated documentation/example code of what
> is in the format of typical unix command, library quick reference,
> etc, manual pages. But can handle alot more.

Do you have a web-page describing this in more detail?  Like what are
the nine commands?

I suspect that you're going to have to put together a strawman
proposal before people are really going to understand and appreciate
what your project is.

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