Installing two different versions of Python on Windows

dman dsh8290 at
Sun Jan 27 23:24:33 EST 2002

On Sun, Jan 27, 2002 at 08:02:41PM -0800, Sheila King wrote:
| I currently have Python 2.1 installed on my home computer.
| My web host finally upgraded to 2.2 (yeah!).
| So, I want to upgrade my home computer to 2.2.
| HOWEVER, I would like to leave my version 2.1 in place, for testing
| purposes.
| If I simply take care to install the new Python 2.2 version in a separate
| directory, this should work OK, shouldn't it?

Dunno, the registry is rather evil and mysterious.

| I know that the system will
| default associate all the .py, .pyc, and .pyw files with the 2.2 executable
| and I would have to specifically invoke the 2.1 executable with a full path
| name if I wanted to run it, but that's fine, too. I expect I'll mostly use
| the newer 2.2.

If you use cygwin you can definitely have multiple installs there.
Call the binaries "python2.1" and "python2.2" and make a symlink
called "python" to the version you want to default to.  Then just use
the right interpreter name in the shebang or pick one on the command
line.  (debian (another POSIX-like system) uses this technique; I've
got both 2.1 and 2.2 with no problems)



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