get information from MS Outlook using Python

Karl M. Syring syring at
Wed Jan 16 16:44:05 CET 2002

"Mark Ainsworth" <marka at> schrieb
> Does anyone have any experience at getting information out of  MS
> Outlook using Python. For example, we use an Outlook folder to store
> emails relating to customer support issues. I would like to be able to
> access this folder, search the emails for certain topics and then use
> this to produce statistical data.
> Any pointers to the documentation I should be reading would be a great

The canonical procedure is to use on the MSOUTLxx.OLB type library
from your Outlook installation. I have no Python code ready, as my mail
weeder still is a VB program that embeds Perl (hellish grin).

Karl M. Syring

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