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Tue Jan 8 16:24:53 EST 2002

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> "Steve Holden" <sholden at> wrote:
>|The REAL problem is with browsers that cheerfully respond with cookies
>|to servers other than the source of the HTML page they are currently
>|rendering. If every browser would allow this behavior to be switched
>|off (and had it switched off by default) then the "1-pixel camera"
>|trick would be a spent force and we could all stop having these
> Actually, the 1-pixel camera problem exists even with cookies
> completely disabled.  It's tricky to prevent the undesired leaking of
> information on browsing habits to insidious marketters like
> doubleclick. 

[snipped intersting stuff]

what i do not like is HTML mail with external links... this way the 1 pixel 
(or larger) image can be used to identify you by email address. (and get 
your mail on the "verified" lists)

a filtering proxy does help agains some of the collectors but there are 
just too many out there.

any real solutions availble?

Chris <cliechti at>

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