Ruby Impressions

Adam Spitz adamspitz at
Sun Jan 13 04:36:42 CET 2002

> > Maybe now you're going to argue that we should never create any
> > subroutines, because they force readers to go to the extra trouble 
> > of looking up what they do. I won't have an answer to that.

Sorry. :( I didn't mean it to sound like that. I'm just not sure what
you were trying to say. I mean, it's just a straight method call.

Well, in Ruby it is. All of the most concise Python versions we've
seen have needed to use some kind of unusual trick, and I think I
agree with you that they're all less readable than the direct way, and
the readability is more important.

But in Ruby it really is just an ordinary method call to the Person
class object. It's not tricky, it's not unreadable, it's just a method
call. That's all I was trying to say.


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