Hooks (Re: What does Python fix?)

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Tue Jan 22 12:03:28 EST 2002

"Hung Jung Lu" <hungjunglu at yahoo.com> wrote in message
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> Pedro Rodriguez <pedro_rodriguez at club-internet.fr> wrote in message
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> > Unfortunately I don't think that C extensions will support such a
> > mechanism.
> Yeah, that's a big nuisance. Quite annoying in my experience with
> wxPython, to tell you the truth. If a language is going to be dynamic,
> why not make it dynamic all the way to C extensions? OK, I know, it's
> probably not easy, but whining is cheap. :)

I'm not sure exactly what example of dynamism you have in mind
here (the truncation to "such a mechanism" is far too brief), but
I suspect that, whatever it is in specific, an API author CAN choose
to support it IF the author in question so wants.

As for making it possible to write C API's *without* having to
support every dynamical tweakability in the world, *THANKS BE*
that Python doesn't require such effort from EVERY author of a
C-coded extension.  It would have been a terrible mistake to
do so, undermining the ease of extending Python and thus its
very growth to the point in which it is now.


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