Tkinter-Listbox and Unicode

Matthias Huening mhuening at
Thu Jan 24 15:17:27 CET 2002

Martin von Loewis <loewis at> wrote in 
news:j4bsfkrt4x.fsf at

> Matthias Huening <mhuening at> writes:
>> What am I doing wrong??
> Nothing; that appears to be a bug in tk.splitlist, which does not
> support Unicode. Please submit this as a bug report at

Done. (Request-ID 507962)
Thank you very much, Martin.

> might work - although this fails if one of the strings contains a
> space in itself 

Most of them contain spaces in itself...

Seems that the combination Python/Tkinter/Unicode is near useless for my 
purpose. What about the Unicode-support of other GUIs?


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