OT again... is there an IMAP expert in the house?

Gerhard Häring gh_pythonlist at gmx.de
Sun Jan 27 21:45:37 EST 2002

Le 27/01/02 à 19:08, Chris Gonnerman écrivit:
> I have noticed that the IMAP protocol seems to offer what I need.
> Can anyone give me a quick rundown of which server might 1) run on
> Win32 and

You might want to look here:


Select Product Type=server and platform=win32.

Looks like there are no free ones available.

> 2) support shared folders/mailboxes?

At least M$ Exchange does. Despite being an overpriced piece of buggy
bloatware (if you only need IMAP).

I'm using the IMAP server from the University of Washington on my home
network (http://www.washington.edu/imap/).  It's not exactly the most
secure or most featureful IMAP server, but it's ridiculously easy to
configure (basically just start it from inetd). I just checked the docs
and according to them and the (MSVC) Makefiles the source distribution
includes, it should be possible to run it on Windows. It's up to you to
decide wether the following paragraph from the build docs scares you
enough ;-)

,----[ docs/BUILD ]
| Bottom line: this is not plug-and-play on NT.  If you're not a hacker
| and/or are unwilling to invest the time to do some programming, you
| probably want to buy a commercial server for NT.

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