Python2.1. ceval.c error.

chris chrisyeun at
Tue Jan 1 16:27:02 EST 2002


I upgraded to the Debian Linux "Woody" versions of Squishdot 1.3.0-1,
Zope 2.4.2-0.2,
and Python 2.1.1-7.  I'm receiving an error message when running
Squishdot and trying to post a new article...the error on the server is

python2.1: ../Python/ceval.c:687: eval_code2: Assertion `(stack_pointer
- f->f_valuestack) <= f->f_stacksize' failed.

The client receives a "Connection Refused" error from the web browser.

Has anyone seen this error before?  I'd like to submit a bug report and
would appreciate which package I should submit the report to.



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