Confirming PostGreSQL Use and Mod-*

skoria shomon at
Thu Jan 17 14:00:09 EST 2002


I have to set up a script that reads from a database and works through
a form interface. As far as I know, if you want python to work with
postgresql, is PoPy considered the best implementation? Is there
another way?

I'm also thinking of using either mod-apache or mod-snake (or zope, if
I can, but I doubt it). Can anyone say what the difference between
these two packages currently is? Mod-snake's webpages claim that
mod-apache only works for older versions of apache, but I believe this
is no longer up to date information. I'd like to choose one of these
on the basis of popularity (ie how much help I'm likely to get with
either if I run into problems), and perhaps features, but
documentation seems to be slim for both...



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