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Michal Wallace sabren at
Mon Jan 28 17:14:54 CET 2002

On 28 Jan 2002, [iso-8859-1] François Pinard wrote:

> The ideal, in my opinion, is to use your own Web site if you can, so freedom
> stays distributed.  This is our best bet in the long run.  Freedom is more
> easily threatened, when everybody agreed to put it in a few big bags.
> Of course, you will not have all the bells and whistles that comes with
> big sites like Sourceforge or Savannah, but in a way, you'll get a better
> taste of simplicity, which is severely lacking in these times. :-)

WARNING: shameless self-promotion here....

I offer CVS hosting over at
It's not free-beer free, but I don't try to own your code,
either. :)


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