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Anthony Baxter anthony at
Thu Jan 3 11:46:06 EST 2002

Couple of things

- check what encoding method is used. Some vnc clients
default to a really, really stupid one. 'hextile' is ok.
- if you're on a smaller connection, look at 'tightvnc'
(check google for website). It's designed for this.
- if talking to a windows box, tweak the vnc settings to
make sure you're only polling the minimum needed - don't
poll the whole screen if you don't have to do this.

>>> Chris Liechti wrote
> Gordon McMillan <gmcm at> wrote in
> news:Xns918B606EF2ACFgmcmhypernetcom at 
> > i've 
> > used VNC through a tunnel - man oh man, is that painful. Each mouse
> > movement / click or keypress means a 2 to 10 second wait (I blame more
> > than half of that on the pitiful box my client used for the tunnel).
> > And don't run a DOS box on a remote Windows machine - the "just what
> > changed" logic doesn't work, so the simple existence of the DOS box
> > will saturate your connection. 
> i tested VNC over a cable connection (128kbits upstram) it worked good. 
> also note that a VNC server on X is MUCH faster than on windows due to the 
> fact that xvnc does know what has changed. (disable any fancy graphics 
> anyway and select 8 bit mode for the VNC client)
> and just for those who don't know VNC, here's the link:
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