any packages available to support "fake" large files?

montanaro at montanaro at
Fri Jan 25 16:06:33 CET 2002

    Skip> [I need to fake large files]

    Michal> Maybe look for code that handles zip files? They can be spread
    Michal> out over multiple floppies, if I recall... Same concept, right?

The issue isn't actually with disk space either.  I might well have a 5-50GB
disk online.  It's with the 2GB addressibility limit imposed by many 32-bit
systems.  I need to be able to seek around the files which could be pretty
cumbersome with zip files.  Also, the C code is going to run on embedded
systems that might not have a zip library.  The "fake large files" I have in
mind would just use routines from stdio, which should be pretty widely
available, even on pretty small (OS-wise) systems.

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