Who wants a Python programming job in Austin, Texas ?

Charley Arnold cearnold at dallas.net
Fri Jan 4 00:45:28 EST 2002

Russell Turpin wrote:

> First, let me apologize for getting anyone's hopes up. I 
> do NOT have a job for you. For now, I'm just trying to 
> get a sense of the availability of Python programmers in 
> central Texas. Send me an email, and I will report the 
> tally back here, in case others are interested in this. 
> Here are the relevant questions:
>   Are you looking for a job as a software developer?

    Yes - I moved to Dallas with my wife when she got
transfered. Just in time for the bottom to fall out of
the programmers job market. <sigh>

>   How long have you been a software engineer?

14+ years, mostly C and Perl (plus some older stuff
no longer relevant)

>   How long have you been programming in Python?

I am now learning Python and C++ (QT/KDE, picking up emacs,
exploring the grittier details of CVS)- got lots of time
on my hands.

    If it were a temporary contract I could commute
Austin to Dallas for a few months...


-Arnold, C. E.

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