Saving files on a user´s computer with browser ("re-post")

Bragi Baldursson bragiba at
Sun Jan 6 07:04:28 EST 2002

What I am trying to do is the following.  I am basically trying to
write a web browser GUI to the
( is a simple script using md5 decoding to store passwords in a
text file.  I wanted to provide a user interface through a cgi script
or some other way with python through a web browser on my local web
server at work.
I thought it would be a good way for people to store their passwords.

I started thinking of CGI but then was not sure about the write thing.
 Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this.  I could
allow the user to type in their own password file although I would
rather hide it from them in some rather "protected" (area where most
users would not go in to clean up or delete files) area of their OS.

I looked briefly at the Cookie module but it seems to me that you
could write a Cookie to some set location on a users OS.  But isn´t it
highly likely that the Cookie area gets cleaned out regularily???? I
need a persistent file object where I can store this.

My idea now is to go with a database of my own and have users provide
a user name and a password and I store all the password files locally
on my machine.  But then I get into a bind of having the users
information on my conscience and they might get skeptical of me.  I
would therefore much rather store their information on their

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