comp.lang.python, FINAL NOTICE of Newsgroup Removal

James T. Dennis jadestar at
Sun Jan 27 04:29:51 CET 2002

In comp.lang.python William Park <NOSPAM.opengeometry at> wrote:

> Usenet Administration <admin at> wrote:
>> As many of you are aware, this newsgroup is slated
>> for removal on January 31st, 2002.  The vote was
>> taken at the end of last year, and there was a large
>> marjority who wants to see this group removed. 

>> If you are a regular reader, you need to make other arrangements.

> Is this kind of joke?  There are over 50,000 newsgroup, why pick on this
> one?  I smell rotting oyster.

 This sounds like B.S. to me.  A particular news admin as some 
 particular site or feed might be considering removing this (and
 other) groups from *their* groups list (and downstream clients)
 --- but there is no such thing as effective group removal for
 USENET netnews.  The alt.lang.awk newsgroup has persisted for
 seven years after the creation of the comp.lang.awk newsgroup 
 which "supercedes" it.  (All of the interesting traffic is on
 c.l.a. but some slackers and newbiew still popped into a.l.a
 last I checked.  Same for alt.os.linux for eight years after
 the creation of the whole c.o.l.* hierarchy.

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