Autocoding project proposal.

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Fri Jan 25 17:31:47 CET 2002

On 24-Jan-02 22:29:23 Christopher Browne <cbbrowne at> wrote:
>"Timothy Rue" <threeseas at> writes:
>> I'm asking for help in creating this tool. If you are going to wait
>> until it's done, then what will you have to offer? Maybe your just
>> an end user, waiting to use it. And that's OK, because that's who
>> this tool is also for.

>Show us the code that you need help with.

>If you can't do that, but merely regale us with stories, then people
>might get the impression that you're not actually "asking for help,"
>but rather "asking for other people to implement it for you."

God forbid RMS asked for help in implementing GNU or TB ask for help in
implimenting the Hurd.

Divide and conqure right? take a concept and divide it into two parts of
this OR that but never again both together as one.

So while you have Right to lifers killing abortion doctors, some child or
more could have better used the resources spent on the killing, to live
and be educated enough to have a choice. Rather than a murder getting a
story in the paper.

Why are you affraid of autocoding, that you feel a need to play retoric
abstraction manipulation so to divide and conqure an effort to do it?


You do realize that abstraction manipulation mechanics is exactly what
this Virtual Interaction Configuration is really all about?!

Autocoding is only one thing that can be done with it, of which it might
very well help to better integrate code and documentation and as such
cause better and more documentaion to get done. Thats not a bad thing, is

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