waterfall (was Re: REPOST: Re: Book "python programming patterns". anybody read this??)

Gordon McMillan gmcm at hypernet.com
Thu Jan 3 01:54:22 CET 2002

Peter Milliken wrote (among a whole lot of other stuff):

> How can you BUILD something if you don't know what it is? If you are a
> software house then you have to get an agreed contractual basis as to
> what you deliver - otherwise you are always changing what you deliver -
> which is fine if you are paid on a time and materials basis but not
> many customers want to enter into that kind of open ended arrangement.

Probably true for big software houses, but as a very small (one person) 
shop, I find almost no one is interested in a fixed-price bid. That way they 
can change their minds without disturbing the budget.

-- Gordon

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