Stop and go - two Python(Win) questions

Martin Bless m.bless at
Wed Jan 16 12:40:16 CET 2002

[Thomas Heller]:

>A distutils bug. Support for SWIG is rather poor.
>SWIGging a file <pathname>.i creates a file <pathname>.c
>overwriting any previous file of this name. So better
>change another name.

Aha. Ok, I'll try to find a solution.

Which brings up two questions I carry around for a while:

(1) PythonWin: I can't find a way to cancel execution if I was clever
enough to produce an indefinite loop (ctrl+c, ctrl+z, ctrl+halt, ...
nothing I tried worked.

(2) Is there a way to include a stable and static breakpoint in Python
SOURCE while debugging, something like a "suspend" command, that make
introspection and a resume possible?


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