New Book on Python by Steve Holden called "Python Web Programming "

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Wed Jan 16 10:32:09 CET 2002

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> I ordered this book before Stephanie offered the 20 copies in return for
> feedback.
> I have to say that I follow Holden's posts here so naturally I am looking
> forward to receiving my copy
> But does this mean that from now on whenever New Riders has a new book on
> Python, we'll just have to stay put in front of the screens, refreshing
> newsgroup every five seconds, and hit the Send button whenever she makes
> offer for a review copy :)
> Kind of reminds me of the Rawhide TV show.  New Rawhide publishing house
> Hey mister, I am the fastest Pythonista gun in the West.  And I round up
> these Python books real fast!

The bad thing about computers is that you can let a robots do the scanning
for new books. Seeing the nanosecond scale response times, they must be at
work now.
Btw: I have a rack of Belgian pralines on my desk. If someone asks me for a
sample, I would send out 20 of them by email.

Karl M. Syring

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