Intel C/C ++ compiler for Linux for Pytrhon extension?

Gerhard Häring gerhard at
Thu Jan 24 21:27:42 CET 2002

Mike Müller wrote in <7049ba55.0201241145.4be1771f at>:
> I am going to port a numerically intensive application from windows to
> Linux (RH). Right know the numeric part is a Python extension compiled
> with MCVC (which in turn calls DF compiled FORTRAN 90 code).
> I plan to use the Intel C/C++ compiler for Linux because it is
> considerably faster than gcc. The CPU is a Pentium 4 for which this
> complier is optimised.
> Is it possible to write Python extension with the Intel C/C++ compiler
> for Linux?

Sorry I can't give you any HOWTO - I didn't make notes and currently
don't have the Intel compiler installed.

But what you plan to do is certainly possible. A few months ago I
successfully recompiled Python (not just the extensions, the Python
core too) with Intel's compiler on Linux.

> [...] Later on, I plan write some code in C++ using templates. Does
> this compiler support this ...


> ... and can I use this C++ code in Python extension?

As long as you remember to expose your module initialization function
with DL_EXPORT, everything should be fine.

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